Our Origins
Talisman Designs is a family owned jewelry brand,
created in our home studios. Born and raised in Indonesia, Elizabeth learned
the family trade of Balinese silversmithing before passing the
skill down to her daughter, Tashi and son, George.

After gaining freedom from an abusive family life, we decided to
make our jewelry both to pursue our passions for the first time
and to inspire joy in others who, just like us, want to find joy and
empowerment in their lives. That's why each piece is created
not only with aesthetic beauty in mind but also to connect with
the wearer, to bring joy, and serve as a personal talisman.

Splitting life between downtown Seattle and our village
in Bali, our collection combines traditional craftmanship with
modern design. 
About the Creation 
All of our pieces are handmade at our studio using traditional techniques and practices.